A Cut Above is now a Certified Green Circle Salon

We are proud to announce our commitment to becoming an 85 - 95% sustainable salon!

What does this mean? The beauty industry creates 877 pounds of waste every single minute across North America. We have joined the Sustainability Initiative Green Circle Salon Movement to do our part in recovering and repurposing the resources we consume.

We will sort and collect everything from hair clippings to hair color, foils and color tubes as well as single use items such as gloves and masks.

Where does it all go? Everything collected is shipped a comprehensive recycling facility where the waste will be sorted, measured, weighed and handled by category in a sustainable way to give it second life.

Hair will be repurposed into hair booms for oil spill cleanup and the development of a sustainable specialty bio 'plastic'. Hair color will be incinerated and separated into clean water and energy which will be injected back to the community.

Color tubes are cleaned and repurposed into materials for commercial use such as for bicycle manufacturing.

This program is funded by an environmental stewardship fee included in the cost of your visit.

Green Circle Salon

Learn more about Certified Green Circle Salons from Green Circle's website here.